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Club Rules

aka Common Sense

These are for your safety and protection as well as to help ensure the longevity -- and fun! -- of the club.

  • First and foremost, observe common courtesy.  If you wouldn't do it in front of your parents/kids/ goldfish/the Easter Bunny/etc., don't do it here.

  • Each fencer must complete and turn in the Release of Liability and Medical Information/Consent to Treat form before participating.  A new form is required each season.

  • Please pay dues at the beginning of the month. If there are difficulties for one reason or another, let the coach know so an arrangement can be worked out.

  • Do not climb or play on the bleachers, tables, school equipment etc.  This applies to friends or family members visiting a practice as well.  It is up to you to ensure that the people you invite behave themselves.

  • No non-fencers on the gym floor unless accompanied by a coach or instructor.

  • Respect the equipment.  They're called 'weapons' for a reason.

  • Respect each other.  We're all here for the same reason: the love of fencing.

  • Poor sportsmanship is not welcome.

  • If you see unsafe activity in a bout or elsewhere, call halt!  If the activity continues or is repeated, bring it to the coach's or instructor's attention immediately.

  • Never touch an unmasked person with a weapon.

  • Never raise a weapon towards an unmasked person, whether in jest or to demonstrate a move or concept.

  • Always keep the point of your weapon below knee-level when not actively involved in a drill or bout.

  • Do not run with a weapon in hand.

  • Full kit must be worn when bouting or engaged in any contact during a class or lesson.  Shorts are not allowed and tall socks must be worn with knickers. (Shorts and bare legs are allowed when the class or lesson is on just footwork or non-contact bladework.)

  • If you don't have knickers, sweats or pants of suitably robust material may be worn.  Thin knits, spandex, etc. are not acceptable.  Whatever pants are worn must come up to the natural waist and must be free of holes.  Low-rise waistlines are not allowed.  If the pants don't come down to the ankles, appropriate socks must be worn.

  • Chest protection is required for all female fencers regardless of age.  No exceptions!

  • Plastrons are highly recommended. They're an extra layer of protection for just a few dollars. (And they're required for competition.)

  • Do not interrupt lessons or classes unless there is an emergency.

  • Report all injuries (even minor ones) to the coach or instructor immediately.

  • Do not touch (let alone borrow) another fencer's equipment without the owner's consent.  Remember, just because that person said 'yes' to loaning you a blade the past three weeks doesn't mean they can't say 'no' this time.  It's their equipment so it's their choice. Exception: When equipment is in danger of being stepped on or is causing some other safety concern, you may move it to the nearest safe place. Notify the fencer that their equipment was moved and why.

  • Club foils are available for loan if you forget your own or it breaks.

  • If you borrow club equipment and it develops problems, set it aside and tell the coach or instructor the details of the trouble so it can be fixed.

  • If you borrow another fencer's weapon and break it, make arrangements with the owner to pay for or replace the broken equipment.  (Note: This does NOT mean deliberately loan out your failing blades in the hopes of getting free replacements!  If you've got a blade going bad, retire it.)